Sue Ry An Expert Of The Managerial Positions At Avnet Technology Solution And Ge

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Sue Ryan is an expert of the managerial positions at Avnet Technology Solution and GE, she left the cooperative world in 2004 in order to start her own business and the business she chose was a franchise called Camp Bow Wow. The Camp Bow Wow was started in 2000 by a dog loving entrepreneur named Heidi Ganahl, which was sold to Sue Ryan by a Denver-based company in 2004. Instead of starting a new establishment, Ryan bought an established location in Boulder, Colorado and this move was advantage to Ryan because she did not need to hire any new staffs. Before starting the Camp Bow Wow, what Ryan had in her mind is that she can apply her past managerial experience in this franchise in a less stressful way, but in the reality she had to do every day-to-day activity in the Camp Bow Wow, that was because there were no management team to support her. Ryan realized what Camp Bow Wow was missing, so Ryan created her own system where she can promote and mentor staffs in the lead positions. This case study also introduces us to Candace Stathis, who has become Ryan’s most successful managerial employee, who first thought the management job was to sit around the office and do nothing but later she realized that was a biggest misconception. The experience with Ryan taught Candace Stathis about the importance of the leadership and the operating effectiveness. We know that each individual approaches business differently, here in this case, Ryan’s approaches is managing her business by…

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