Essay Succession Of The Throne : Mary Grey

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Succession of The Throne:
Despite the fact that Anne, Elizabeth’s mother, was executed within two years of her birth by the orders of her father, Elizabeth I was still raised like a normal noble, educated and tutored by the finest. Her father constantly remarried in an attempt to produce a male heir, which he did with his third wife, Jane Seymour. Edward VI, her half-brother became the heir and succeeded the throne after Henry VIII. His rule was short lived for he died at the young age of fifteen due to a terminal condition. Edward VI wrote in his will that the throne be passed on to Lady Jane Grey, his once removed cousin, however after later scrutiny the throne was passed to Mary I. Lady Jane Grey was deposed by Mary I within thirteen days of her rule. Mary I, also switched Edward VI’s protestant reforms, paving a path for Catholicism, the religion she heavily practiced.

Mary I:
On August 3, 1553 when Mary I was proclaimed Queen, she and Elizabeth rode through London showcasing solidarity (unity) between the sisters. This display did not last long, for Mary sparked heavy tension by ordering the people to attend a Catholic Mass. Elizabeth I was brought up with a Protestant faith, something that Mary I was determined to crush, so she was forced to conform outward. Her determination and intention to destroy Protestants, deteriorated her popularity with the people while increasing it for Elizabeth. In January and February 1554, the Wyatt rebellion broke out and Elizabeth…

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