Essay Successful Factors of Malmaison Hotel Chain

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1.0 Introduction

2.0 Aim

3.0 Objectives

4.0 Literature Review

5.0 Methodology

5.1 Desk Based Research

5.2 Field Based Research

5.3 Case Study

6.0 Ethical Issues

7.0 Task List

8.0 References

1.0 Introduction

The research of this project is on the successful factors of Malmaison hotel chain that operates in current UK
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3.0 Project Objectives

 To review the current teaching and practice regarding human resource management, marketing management, financial management, and operational management in relation to the hospitality industry.

 To analyze the management fashion and operation processes of Malmaison and their impact on the performance and productivity of Malmaison.

 To make recommendations to the management team of Malmaison Hotel Chain to increase the efficiency, effectiveness and the performance of the organization.

4.0 Literature Review

4.1 Introduction

There are obviously a large number of factors, ultimately all contributing to the success of Malmaison, however, in this research, a limited range of key issues will be addressed which are believed to be the most significant contributing factors behind for Malmaison’s success.

The literature review research was supported by electronic resources and library research. There has not been much work been done on the reasons for the success or failure of the UK hospitality industry, and there is even far less attention being paid to hotels.

Both strategic & marketing management and human resource management are broad concepts, it is therefore, necessary to focus upon a few critical issues within these subjects that have particularly been focused upon

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