Essay on Success With Money And Power

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Many people growing up have always associated success with money and power. Our society tends to spend a majority of their time focused on work tasks that will help them accomplish this state of wealth. You are considered successful by the amount of money you have, the kind of cars you drive, and the size of your house. Although this belief is strong throughout America today, you don 't need materialistic items to be successful. Success can differ depending on one 's standards. For example a lawyer can measure success by the amount of cases they win, but a mother can measure her success by her children 's grades.
There are multiple ways and things a person can do to become successful. Hardwork is a great example and key factor that is required to become successful. It is better for you in the long run rather than getting everything handed to you because if you run into difficulties you know how to pick yourself up for that reason you have been used hard in everything you do rather than taking the easy way. When people take the easy way in situations they might come out successful but when trouble comes their way in life they get lost and don’t know what to do to get over these bumps. In 10 Rules For Going To College When Nobody Really Expected You To by Joe Rodriguez he says, “Be a total student. Even if you live at home, work full time, and attend school part time you must feel and think like a full student. Studying is the highest priority.” This quote shows that no…

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