Success Through Organizational Development Essay

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Success through Organizational Development
BUS 370: Organizational Development
Heather Strouse
June 27, 2011

Success through Organizational Development Organizational development is a learning tool that can be utilized not only for professional success but for personal success in life as well. This particular tool or resources deals directly with change and who to best deal with the changes in order to produce a good outcome for all involved. Our text teaches us that, “Organizational development (OD) comprises the long-range efforts and programs aimed at improving an organization’s ability to survive by changing its problem solving and renewal processes,” (Brown, D.R., Harvey D., pg. 3). Making adjustments in the areas of
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Many times I have found myself facing an opportunity that I was unprepared to deal with and because of the lack of preparation, the opportunity was missed. This scenario has manifested in both my personal and professional life. My desire is to be able to develop diagnostic skills to identify organizational development issues, problems, and opportunities because this will assist with my success. The second program outcome selected was to provide practice in identifying appropriate actions and selection of best alternative organizational development actions in actual work situations. In our text there is mention of five stages of organizational development and reinventing the organization. One of the stages, stage four, refers to action plans, strategies, and techniques. A plan of action must be implemented where success is to be the outcome. As well as strategies and techniques applied to enable the overall renewal process. “…organizational techniques as total quality management are, job design, role analysis, goal setting, team building, and intergroup development,” (Brown, D.R., Harvey D., pg. 16). Within in any organization situations will arise that may be best resolved in an alternative manner instead of the way it’s always been done. A wise man once told that you must do something different if you are expecting a different result. Proper planning and strategizing will afford me the opportunity to create alternative ways to problem

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