Success: Success Is An Implishment Of Success

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Success means an accomplishment of an aim or purpose. But to me it means for a person to live a good life because of an accomplished career, goal, or personal needs. The word success should be used by people who do what they love and as a result earn money. It shouldn’t be used by people who success by cheating. Cheating, lying, and deceiving are not great qualities of be successful. Things you can do when you are successful in life is travel, learn new and different things, and have a dream relationship and home. Because you don’t have to worry about a thing.
When I travel on a income that I worked hard for I can go to any specific place, where I would like to travel to. I would like to travel the entire world. Such as the entire
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Learning is fun when you are fascinated by it or raised in a learning environment. There are two languages I like to learn which is Korean and Chinese. One reason is because I love the Korean culture and the other is that I have some Chinese blood. One of the main martial arts fighting style I would love to learn again is Eskrima. Eskrima is a type of Filipino stick fighting. Even though Eskrima isn’t a popular fighting style such as, Judo, Kickboxing, and Karate. It sure was fun when I was a child living in Hawaii. Where I could just find a stick anywhere and fight with my sister. Taking a Eskrima class to me was fun. I loved playing with their sticks and whacking stuff with it. But most of all I learned how to not look stupid while fighting with a stick I could actually call it something. From all my learning experience as a child I was able to grow up a a very wise person. From all the lessons I have learned from my family members and my own mistakes I was able to be open minded and help teach others some ways to survive. To add on to my knowledge and skills I would like to master is that, I would like to master focus, memorization, discipline, effort, confidence, and respect. All from which I can learn from martial arts. It could even make me wiser than I am …show more content…
When important people that I care a lot for come to me. They have to approach me with the same amount of respect and knowledge I give them. If I say “Good Morning- they would have to respond back saying “Good Morning.” Being in any relationship with me I am a good person and very lenient to certain things, such as giving me an attitude. If someone gives me an attitude and I don’t know why I will not take it kindly. Until I know why they hand attitude. If their reasoning is good enough I will forget the entire thing ever happened. If not, I will address it so it never happens again. An ideal mate for me is a man and not a boy. The man has to have education, discipline, patience, romance, loyalty, reliability, fearless, adventurous, and fairness. I can listen many characteristics about an “ideal type” for me. If and when I start looking for a relationship in that way, I will not know how he is in a relationship. He can have all the characteristics I listed but he might not have them in a real relationship. I will know my ideal type when I meant someone that has a personality I like. A romantic getaway I feel are essential to keeping a certain spark in a relationship. An ideal romantic get away for me is a nice day out in the islands. Laying down on the beach drinking several alcoholic beverages. While I watch my husband swim in the beach- entertaining me and

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