Success Of An High School Athlete Essay

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Success of an High School Athlete
Many kids growing up dream about being a professional athlete. The question is though how does an athlete become successful. Many succeed, and many fail to become that. First key to becoming a successful athlete is to work hard at the sport.The athlete has to give the best athlete they have to maximize their potential in the sport. Hard work is all based on effort. If an athlete gives lackluster effort, they will see lackluster results then. It’s all about how hard the athlete works , and if he works hard repeatedly every day at the sport. Hard work is wasted if it isn’t done repeatedly everyday. For example, when I use to play football the kids that would work hard in morning workouts everyday would become the kids that became the best football players. They would put in the hard work an athlete needs to put into to be successful. The kids that would come into works , and give lackluster effort would not be successful. Most of those kids ended up not playing much and seating on the bench for most of the game. Another key to becoming a successful athlete is being on time for team activities.If an athlete isn’t on time it hurts the team.The athlete isn’t able to achieve what the team wanted to achieve if the athlete is behind in the team activity because he or she was late.It also can can hurt the team if the athlete is discplined. For example, If an athlete is disciplined for showing up to team activities multiple times late.Later on the…

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