Success Is The Ultimate Form Of Achievement Essay

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How do we define success? Success is something that an individual must determine for themselves. Success is an accumulation of achievements that one receives from years of school and work. Success does not have a timetable and is not always achievable. Success has two forms; personal success and an outsider 's view of achievement. Success does not always bring happiness or wealth, but may also bring anger. In our society success seems to be measured by what we have done, created or amassed. Most people identify success as money, cars, big houses, job title and fame. They live most of their lives in pursuit of all of these material objects. Success is something perceived by an individual or individuals. It is relative, subjective, and often very abstract. We live in a society in which being successful is the ultimate form of achievement.
As I reflect on my personal experiences, I realize I have had many successes; each being of equal importance as to how I achieve my goals. Throughout my life, I have always played sports. When I was a little kid I knew I would be a successful athlete. I set goals that would put me in a position to go to a division one college. Some of the goals were to throw over fifty-five feet in the shot put and one hundred eighty feet in the discus. These goals pushed me to new levels. Letters from schools all across the nation were coming in almost every day. The two schools I was most interested in were Virginia and Western Carolina. Virginia offered…

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