Success Is An Outcome Of Productivity Essay

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Success is an outcome of productivity. Without being productive, it is impossible to truly attain success. Productivity is a cycle, a never ending chain of events, necessary to be successful. In order to be productive, there needs to be a balance between school, work, and recreation. However, creating a perfect balance in a person’s life is inconceivable. Some may describe life as unpredictable, and full of highs and lows. A person’s reaction, however, to what life throws at them, and whether or not they work to create their ideal balance, is the key to succeeding. Several people would prefer school to be their focus, others prefer working, or socializing to be in the spotlight. It can be okay focusing on one side of the spectrum as long as there is balance. To create balance in life, and achieve success, time-management, stress management, and simply utilizing resources, are essential. Using time wisely, keeping stress levels low, and using resources can establish the cycle of productivity, creating balance in life, therefore raising the chances of success. The cycle of productivity starts with one major thing: time management. With indigent time-management skills, it is impossible to achieve success. In order to adequately manage time, a person needs to be able to have a plan that they can stick to. There should be a type of physical reminder of this plan. For example, a planner, an app, or a wall calendar, can help with productivity. A productive person should have at…

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