Success Essay: Would You Consider Yourself Successful?

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Would you consider yourself successful? This is the question that we all strive for but never truly think about. Success is defined as “a favorable or desired outcome” by Merriam-Webster Dictionary. A vague and quite bland answer. What happen to the passion that the story books once told us was possible. What happened to our ability to believe that anything was possible? I believe that that type of compassion and open-mindedness can be found in two places. The first being in your school, and the second in the laugh of a child.

Success is not something that you can buy or receive, it is an emotion like that of all of the others. I believe that it fits in somewhere between hope and compassion. It is one’s ability to achieve
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To me, success is about making someone else happy, about accepting the truth and criticing it to fit into your own values. This is a key trait in a child. If I child cannot be successful then they would not be a child. Their growth and prosperity is a one of a kind award. Success is being able to be a healthy and happy person in a society that might be a little bit grayer then we would like to imagine. It has been found that on average a child laughs about 10 times a day. In an adult maybe twice a day.

For someone who has seen a lot and been through even more a happy life is the ultimate success. Between my mother being ill and never having a stable father figure or even a stable home, I never saw that happiness in anything. Being able to see the beauty and the passion of a student like yours is one that truly makes me happy. I had spent so much time hating myself and the life that I had been given, I hadn’t seen what gift that I hadn’t been given. I hadn’t seen that I still had friends and family and this remarkable ability to laugh. This was something that I hadn’t felt in a long time, but when ever I was with a child I could hear and feel. This emotion

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