Success And Good, Evil, And Three Types Of Philosophy

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All in all, I believe that you need to work hard for what you want. Everyone has a dream. However, achieving that dream is difficult because no one will hand you your dream. Instead, you have to work hard in order to achieve success. Life is complicated. There will be obstacles in your way but those are a part of life. There will be differing opinions regarding the definition of success and good versus evil/bad. Our opinions are shaped through the interaction with societal members, family, peers, and friends. Through all of life’s challenges, our families and friends are there for us. Therefore, in this world, we are not alone.
Throughout the experience of studying these three types of philosophy, I have learned that everyone comes to their
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I have only taken two classes that pertain to my teacher certificate, and in those classes to come I believe that I will learn about the situations I will be in once I find a job. Since I am a sophomore, I have time to take more classes, but I learned that my schedule is full of education and Spanish classes. This tells me that I cannot take the classes I want to, in order to explore all of my interests. I wanted to take classes to get an English as a Second Language endorsement, but since I am majoring with a teacher certification, I do not have the time that I once had when taking my general education classes. However, if I were to have an ESL endorsement I could have more opportunities to find a career pertaining to helping students learn …show more content…
My philosophy for teaching is to teach the students the curriculum, but to have ways in which the students are involved and motivated to work. I had a teacher who is a nice person, but does not know how to teach. She knew the curriculum, but did not know how to explain it to the students who did not comprehend the work. I believe that teachers should imagine themselves as their students. I imagine that there will be many issues when I am in clinicals and start teaching on my own. In high school I interned with two elementary teachers; luckily I was placed in a classroom that I understood their teaching philosophies. On the other hand, I could be placed with someone who has an opposite way of teaching in which I would have to learn to not question their philosophy and accept their ways. I do not want to be forced to teach one way when there are million of other ways to teach the same thing. Whereas being a teacher, you have to respect the students and find the best way for them to

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