Success And Development Of A Spa Essay example

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First of all, when preparing a new business, many things need to be considered such as location, what kind of services will be provided, target markets, staffs and infrastructure… Many people think that they can be successful in spa industry with a strong financial capital and a love for spa. However, if you do not care about the real needs of the market where you live, you can hardly attract customers. If you just focus the design of your spa without knowing the need of your key service, it is easy to waste time, effort and money.
As a result, what type of spa, location and treatment philosophy are also crucial elements that contribute to the success and development of a spa. As mentioned above, I want to combine a specific spa which provides exclusive and effective treatments for customers and a hotel will be a bed for them to rest after all. This is because I want to provide a fully comfortable time for them to enjoy all service. About location, some places which are located at near beach with an expanse of sand or forest with lea will be a perfect one. However, the place should be away from local activities or attractions which affect to the customers’ health negatively since most of them happen at night time. My main and basic treatment for the customers is the healing of body like facials and body treatments and the Food and Nutrition. A professional team who know about the customers’ lifestyle and activities will be required in order to provide a best treatment to…

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