Essay on Subway Segmentation

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There are different attributes and factors which are under the influence of target market for the services which the subway offers to its market. Here many variables influence the market segmentation for “sub of the day”. Coming to the segmentation strategy it is essential to know what the customer is considering from the services provided by the subway. The segmentation strategies can be described more effectively in many different variables which results in the marketing segmentation, there are

different forms of segmentations available like the democratic, geographic, behavioral and psychographic segmentation. (Gillian Mc Ghee, 2008)
The psychographic segmentation is something depending on the interest, activities, attitudes and
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If we take the preference of what the other region customers prefer like the Asian, European, united states of America the subway worldwide sell the burgers which are aimedat the private markets, for example if we choose that the burgersare made from the lamb from the Asian continent and if we take India as a place where beef is not preferred due to the religious matter it is the importance given to the preference. In the American continent

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