Subway Fresh Fit For Kids Campaign Analysis

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If you don’t want your kids to be fat, feed them Subway. The sandwich franchise, whose slogan is “eat fresh”, has offered kids meals since 2007. They promise to be the healthier alternative to their fast food counter parts, who offer to stuff your children with chicken nuggets and fries. Subway has partnered with anyone that will help sell the idea that they are best choice for those looking to lose weight or stay fit. Famous faces from Michael Phelps to Happy Gilmore have appeared in ads for the fast food company. Since launching the Fresh Fit for Kids meal subway has spent millions each year marketing it to children, but most importantly parents around the world. The subway Fresh Fit for Kids campaign convinces parents to feed their children subway as a healthier, fresher, better for you meal.

Subway’s Fresh Fit for Kids campaign has taken aim at the fast food industry’s monster calorie count, and greased filled kids meals. For long chicken nuggets and fries
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Subway assumes that parents are looking for a healthier variety of fast food for their children. Laila is the daughter of the world famous, beloved, former boxer, Muhamad Ali. Laila is considered as a world class female athletes. She has appeared on shows such as American gladiator, and the popular weight loss show, The Biggest Loser. The use of Laila Ali in this ad lends support the credibility of the Fresh Fit for Kids meals. Laila is a mother, so the placement of the children around her makes her appear trust worthy and honest. It sends the message that if Laila Ali endorses this product it must be good for our own children. Subway’s decision to use Laila Ali was clever. She is a household name and is known for her efforts to end childhood obesity; making her the perfect spokesperson. Other strategic partnerships also lend to the credibility of

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