Suburban America Chapter Summaries

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In the documentary “Suburban America: Problems and Promises” by Ron Rudaitis, focuses on the examination of the changing communities within the suburban homes and cities. This is documentary educates on the history of the suburbs, how it changes politically, and socially. It also demonstrated their developmental challenges, as well as a form of sustainable living styles in the suburbs. The documentary mainly focuses on the political changes, social change, ethics, matters of individuals that live in the suburbs, and redevelopment. Throughout the film, it shows different areas of suburban homes and each add a distinctive element to their story. Issues are identified for these suburbs and it explains the ways or what they have done to make suburban lifestyles become more of a sustainable …show more content…
In my experience of living in the suburbs, I realized that there were some issues with the lifestyle and a challenge of improving them for better. One thing that has always occurred to me was transportation. Every individual in the suburb areas, drive cars to get to where they need. If there was a light rail system nearby, more people would drive less, helping the ecosystem, and even saying money from paying for gas. Regarding the documentary, my expectations of the video were met in which it would have told the history of the suburbs, and experiences of individuals. Hearing about the lifestyles of the people that were interviewed, helped me understand what types of opportunities the suburbs have, and what challenges they must face in order to make living better in the region. After watching this documentary, I have developed more questions pertaining about the suburbs. Such as, how will society manage with suburban redevelopment, and manage change? These changes could make the suburbs an improved place to live, but how do we as a society make this happen or get more individuals

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