Subtopics In The Female Body Size

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There are many subtopics within the female body image but for the purpose of this journal I will focus on fat acceptance as a movement and on those who are obese to morbidly obese. When I took experimental psychology I conducted a correlational study that looked to see if there were gender differences in the perception of the female body weight (varying from severely underweight, underweight, normal, overweight, obese, and morbidly obese). Of course there were no significant difference but interestingly enough both males and females perceived the female body weight as lighter than it actually was. This is problematic in regards to health – for people to see a morbidly obese person and coin them as just obese or worse overweight. And so this …show more content…
No. I understand they may also want others to accept them the way they are but NO. That is NOT the way you are, that is the way you – for whatever misfortune – became. What you have become is unhealthy and abnormal. Yes of course you are a human being but your abundance of folds, your shallow breaths, and abnormally chunky ankles do not correspond to a normal human figure. There is the argument that ideal body weight shifts over time and that is in fact true. It has shifted tremendously over decades and centuries and varied depending on which country you were in: The ideal (female) body shifting from meaty and plump to dainty and having a pinch of a waist. But those were different times. We are no longer restricted to be governed by ever-changing, wishy-washy social standards. This is no longer the only predictor of which can determine the ideal female body. We now have solid evidence - science, FACTS. Those facts clearly tell us what we should be looking at and referring to when deeming the female and male body ideal – the things that will lead us through a long, healthy, somewhat fulfilling

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