Substances, And Rational Choice Theory: The Consequences Of Addiction

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Addiction is not a disease it is the result of a series of bad life decisions. It is the person’s choice to start using drugs or addictive substances, at some point that person also actively had to make the decision to continue using the addictive substance despite the negative repercussions, and that individual also made the decision to stay in the negative environment that is influencing their bad choices.
Addiction is a path people choose for themselves, you are not born an addict. You did not pop out of the womb thinking you know what? I am going to spend my whole life gambling all my money away. Although you could argue children of addict mothers born dependent on narcotics could be considered someone who was born an addict, but it is
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So when does someone become an addict? What exactly is an addict? Well according to Mr. Vale author of Addiction – and rational choice theory “Addiction is when those certain substances or services take control of the individual and displaces behaviours that best serve the individual’s interests” (Vale 38). A substance or a service can only take over an individual after prolonged use. Which means the individual in question would have to actively make the choice to continue using the addictive substance. Proving even more that addiction is nothing like a disease because the individual has a choice in the …show more content…
Maybe someone has a bad home life so they use drugs as an escape, or maybe your coworkers all smoked so you took up the habit so you would be able to take five-minute smoke breaks. Those all have to do with the environment the individual was surrounded by. In the Rat Park study, the rats who were isolated and kept in small cages without any stimuli became heavily addicted to the morphine as a coping mechanism (Slater 166). Even though the morphine did not improve their situation it made it more tolerable. Humans do the same thing we find ways to cope, and depending on the person and their personality this could lead them down the path of addiction. For example, some people might handle stress by taking a few yoga classes or going for a run and others might handle stress by drinking half a bottle of vodka. It all depends on the person and the environment they are surrounded by. Someone who has a relatively happy life is going to be significantly less likely to become addicted to drugs because they do not feel the need to take them. An example of this would be during the Vietnam War thousands of American soldiers became addicted to heroin, because of the terrible situation they were in, but when they returned home most of them quit cold turkey without any problems because they were no longer in that

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