Substance Use During Pregnancy Essay

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Substance use during pregnancy is an intriguing topic I wanted to know more about. What sparked my interest was my internship at the Phoneix Center. I wanted to know what resources were available for pregnant women who abused substances. The Phoneix Center is the legislated authority for substance abuse in the Greenville, SC area. This is Greenville’s largest provider of substance use disorder treatment, rehabilitation and prevention services (Phoneix Center, n.d.). Within the Phoneix Center there are many inpatient and outpatient treatment facilities. One of which is the Serenity Place. This is a residential treatment facility for pregnant women, young mothers and their preschool-age children. Admittance priority is given to pregnant women with alcohol and/or other substance use. This residential treatment facility is intense, lasting for a minimum of 50 hours per week, and daily life activity is structured with a focus on parenting, positive family and independent living skills (Phoneix Center, n.d.).
Functional Limitations
Alcohol consumption and birth defects When it comes to treating or housing women who have a substance use problem there are many functional limitations they encounter. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (2015), pregnant women are commended to give up drinking completely. The Academy acknowledges that while heavy drinking can severely harm developing babies, there is no consensus about the effects of occasional alcohol…

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