Substance Abuse Is A Wide Reaching Issue Affecting The Community

1066 Words May 25th, 2016 null Page
Substance abuse is a wide-reaching issue affecting millions of people worldwide, especially in lower economic communities. Abusers range from homeless men and women, war vets, and teenagers. According to Diversity Issues in Substance Abuse Treatment and Research, substance abuse is anything that a person may consume that modifies mood, cognition, or behavior (Loue, 2003) such stimulants are found in alcohol, heroin, nicotine, and marijuana. Community readiness and cognitive-behavioral are models used to improve interventions by recognizing social and medical problems of abusers, and combating substance abuse while educating those affected. Scientist and theorist can weaken the use of substance abuse in the community by continually researching effective methods. The community readiness model focuses on tackling substance abuse in the community, although every community has their share of abuse, the solution is never the same because the environment is constantly growing and changing (Scheier, 2015). Society is more ready to acknowledge the problem and support the issues being they are reasonable, logical, and doable. Community readiness is effective when a community is on board to make necessary changes by acknowledging the needs of the neighborhood. A major challenge for communities wishing to undertake substance abuse prevention efforts is determining their level of readiness.For example, some community members, especially those who hold power, for various reasons may…

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