Case Study: Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities At Center For Change

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Introduction With over 60 different substance abuse treatment facilities in Wichita Kansas alone it is important that Center for Change stays ahead of the ever growing and changing modalities of treatment. While meeting the needs of the ever changing types of treatment, being able to find staff that can work together and provide excellent treatment to the many cultures, severity of substance abuse as well as to all the differing socioeconomic classes is vital. While working within the company, taking ideas from employees and listening to what they believe the strengths and weaknesses of the facility along with ways they feel that the clients can be better served I have created a plan to begin meeting these needs and implementing new programs …show more content…
The struggle in setting appropriate and many times tough boundaries with clients, a lot of times people get into this line of work because they want to help people. Upper management must find a way to show their staff that they are willing to listen to what their staff are dealing with on a sometimes daily basis. Staff needs to be able to speak their mind, their fears, suggestions etc without feeling that there will be repercussion or that they are bothering management. This clause is easily met and I have come up with a few suggestions that will make this work for management and staff. First management should set a consistent time that employees can come to their office and speak about what is on their mind. This can be done by either posting open office hours on the wall outside of their door, keeping their door open at that time and letting the employees hear it from you that you have open office hours posted and that coming to you would be beneficial to you as well. Another way to make the openness clause beneficial is to ask your staff questions on a regular basis and look at them when they respond and take to heart their responses. You may follow up with asking your staff questions such as,” what can I do to help you more or …show more content…
The optimal timing policy,”wasting time thought bad planning is unsound, not only in business but in general (Dresp-Langely,2009. P423. Company planning for the treatment facility involves the ability to address situations in a timely manner using meetings between employees and management to discuss the differing projects happening around the workplace are all vital in developing proper time management and aid in meeting the optimal timing policy. There is a great deal going on within the treatment facility at this time and I have come to realize that not all staff is aware of the what is happening with eachother. This can easily be solved by all staff meeting together on a regular and consistent basis about what is needing to be done and where they are at on each project being completed. These meetings will also allow for staff working on projects to ask for help if they are struggling with a project or deadline. Talking about what they are working on as well as the time allotted for each project may actually lead to combining efforts on some projects allowing for other work projects to be worked

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