Substance Abuse And Domestic Violence Essay

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Over the years, the amount of people died from drug overdoses increased in the United States. Also, “in 2009 drug-induced deaths overtook traffic accidents as the number one external cause of death, with 39,147 deaths” (Swensen, 2014). Substance abuse including alcohol and drugs is linked to different negative social conditions, such as family disruptions, financial issues, school failure, decrease or lost in productivity, crime, child abuse, and domestic violence. In addition, legal response and social attitudes to the consumption of alcohol and illegal drugs make substance abuse one of the most complex public health issues because it affect the individual, his family, and the whole community. However, “estimates of the total overall costs of substance abuse in the United States, including lost productivity and crime-related cost exceed $600 billion annually” ( They are multiple factors associated with substance abuse like race/ethnicity, gender, educational level, sexual orientation, age, financial status, peer pressure, and social network. In order to help this epidemic, the government increased their grants for hospital and community health center that are taking care of those patients and providing programs and group sessions to overcome their addiction. East Boston Neighborhood Health Center is one of these facilities; it offers the Medication Assisted Pathway (MAP) and Project Shine for substance abusers and HIV/AIDS patients to help…

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