Substance Abuse And Dependence Has Been Identified As A Coping Mechanism For Female Victims Of Domestic Violence

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Substance abuse and dependence has been identified as a coping mechanism for female victims of domestic violence but sometimes this can mean it also increases the level of abuse the victim receives because it makes her more vulnerable which will automatically give the abuser more control. One of the first statement regarding the connection was released in 1988 with a study created by both stark and Flitcraft, in this study they stated that “women who experience domestic violence are more likely to misuse prescription drugs as well as alcohol”. A year later Miller and Dawns released a similar statement stating that “women who abuse substances are more likely to experience domestic abuse”. According to both statements, domestic abuse and substance abuse correspond with each other, if a women goes into a relationship already using drugs or drinking alcohol then she is more likely to experience domestic abuse because mentally and emotionally the women will already be vulnerable and it becomes easier for the abuser to gain control. Victims of domestic violence believe that using alcohol and drugs will help cover their pain from everyone and also hide it from themselves “I got so addicted to [crack], it made me not think about he’d done. It just numbed me. I’d take [my kids] to McDonalds, put them in front of TV, and I’d go to my bathroom and smoke crack” (Macy R et al 2013). Nonetheless, victims do not realise that the use of substances during and after an abusive relationship…

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