Substance Abuse And Child Abuse Essay

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Substance Abuse
Along with stress, family dysfunction, and social isolation, substance abuse has also been linked with an increased risk of child abuse and neglect. Aspects of the family environment can be a useful and vital assessment aspect for identifying child abuse and neglect. According to a study conducted by Shanta Dube, Robert Anda, Vincent Felitti, Janet Croft, Valerie Edwards, and Wayne Gills (2001), there was a strong relationship between parental alcohol abuse and each of the 10 adverse childhood experiences studied. In the study Dube et al categorized adverse childhood experiences into 10 categories including verbal abuse, physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional neglect, physical neglect, battered mother, household substance abuse, mental illness in household, parental separation or divorce, and incarcerated household member. The study also found that “the association to each adverse childhood experience was highest among respondents who grew up with two alcohol-abusing parents compared with persons with no alcohol abusing parents” (pg. 1633). In addition, “for each category of adverse childhood experiences, the presence of an alcoholic parent doubled the risk of the adverse childhood experience among both men and women” (Dube et al, 2001, pg. 1633). Furthermore, the study concluded that “the prevalence of zero adverse childhood experiences was higher among those respondents who grew up with no alcoholic parents, whereas the prevalence of four or more adverse…

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