Essay on Substance Abuse And Addiction- : Rhetorical Strategies

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Harmful Substances in Health Bodies: Rhetorical Strategies in Susser’s
“Substance Abuse and Addiction- the Need to Know”
According to Mervyn Susser in his piece, “Substance Abuse and Addiction- the Need to Know,” from the American Journal of Public Health, issued in 1998, substance abuse is and probably always will be one of the biggest problems throughout our country unless the citizens of this country come together, as a whole, put a stop to it. The United States has numerous social ills such as crime, poverty, teen pregnancy, domestic and child abuse, and the spread of STD’s. These issues defy our country in many ways, but drug abuse is the highest and easiest kind of societal pressure. The author speaks to the entire population when referring to the abuses at all ages; as a nation, Americans all have to take action in dealing with of these issues. However, unless America takes a stand to combat addiction and substance abuse, the country is improbable to prosper.
It is statistically proven that substance abuse and addiction are public health enemy number one. Polls have been run throughout the country and the results have concluded that over seventy-six million Americans have experienced some sort of alcoholism throughout their bloodlines, around eleven million binge drink on average once a week. There are more than sixty-one million Americans who smoke cigarettes, and seven million more people who use smokeless tobacco. An estimated ten million smoke marijuana and more…

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