Substance Abuse : A Negative Effect On The Adolescence All Around The World

1846 Words Nov 4th, 2015 null Page
Substances abuse continues to have a negative effect on the adolescence all around the world. This investigation report will discuss the health inequities contributing to this specific population with provided comprehensive background information. The report will then go into detailed about the social health issue in regards to Ottawa character action areas, social justice principles and analysis of data. There will also be an evaluation of a current strategy development and purposed recommendations to enable change to the barriers. As a result significantly lowering the youths damaging engagement with alcohol and drugs.
Adolesces typically refers to 13 to 18 year olds that undergo immense physiological and physical changes that will impact significantly on the rest of their lives. During this period, it is where their bodies start to take shape and they mature into a young adult, developing their own beliefs, values and ideas. This is the most common time when females and males will engage in high risk, impulsive and exciting acts. This was displayed in the 2007 National Drug Strategy Household Survey, 40 of young men and women aged 17-23 years report that they have engaged in risky/high risk activity at least once a week during the last 12 months. (Risk taking by young people, 2015) Youth will experience new life activities, take risks and explore themselves. It is during this time that many youth will begin to experiment with drugs and alcohol.…

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