Subliminal Advertising Essay

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Every day we are subjected to so many different forms of media and advertising. When we view so many forms of information it makes us wonder how much we actually take in and realize we take in. Subliminal advertising, a form of subliminal messages to sell a product or service, is an effective way to persuade individuals to receive underlying messages from companies. There are two types of subliminal stimuli, auditory and visual, which can reach an individual below their conscious mind. Means to use subliminal advertising have been disproven before, but how can we classify what it is marketers and advertisement agencies are actually trying to tell us in the ads and media that we see every day? In this essay, I want to go in detail what attempts …show more content…
Of the two types of subliminal stimuli the biggest attempt made are visual. The way that visually subliminal messages are used includes flashing an image so fast that a person doesn 't realize that they saw a different image with an intended message or not is comprehended, but the subconscious mind does see it. Our brains process an image within 13 milliseconds of being displayed. If an image is shown any faster we would still, in theory, be able to see it and process it to the full extent. In 1957 James Vicary was the first person to use the idea of subliminal messages in advertising by putting the words “drink Coke” and “eat popcorn” during a film (Aronson, Wilson, Akert, Sommers, 2016). The images were displayed multiple times throughout the film and were only displayed for three-thousandths of a second. He claimed that by doing this the sale of popcorn and Coca-Cola went up by 58% and 18% (Rogers, 1993). This type of advertising was banned the following year, even though the use of subliminal advertising was hardly proven effective. The effectiveness of this still raises the question; was this still effective in a advertising sense because although we may have not subconsciously been effective just by seeing an image flashed quickly before us and bringing awareness to the thought of subliminal advertising in our media it still put the name of Coca-Cola out there and associated it with going to the movies. Many beer and alcohol companies have been accused of using subliminal messages in their ads by having sexual imagery. Janet Rowe, a Coors executive, said that the primary beer market is men aged 21 to 34 and that the 21- to 24-year-olds are a very important part of the market segment (Reichert, 2003). So many beers and alcohol companies

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