Ethical Egoism In Don T Help Me

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Ethical egoism states that one should do things that benefit in their own interest. Some key features of ethical egoism are ethical subjectivism, Naïve Ethical egoism, and enlightened ethical egoism. This theory claims that we should act from self-love. However, Egoists have different views about what is good for the individual depending on the situation. In “Don’t Help Me” Kevin is confused about what steps he should take to help his friend, so I am going to advise him based on ethical egoism perspective. I would advise a person representing ethical egoism that Kevin should call for help. He should call for ambulance even though it may risk Tom’s scholarship. They should advise this because egoists are only worried about what is beneficial for them and in the best interest of them only. If Kevin does not call and wait for Tom to …show more content…
This theory can help Kevin establish his personal identity at an early stage of his life. It can also help with self-preservation which means that person would not take action that would put themselves in harm’s way. Some people would not like other people minding their business so this way an egoist would only worry about himself rather than what is in best interest of others. For instance, being selfish can be seen as bad thing but it is necessary to gain self-confidence and self-love even though it is not best for others interest. Ayn Rand defines selfishness as someone who is concerned about their own interest which opposite to altruism is enabling people to feel guilty later on. She claims that people should not have to do things for others and gain happiness. They should focus on themselves and do things that make themselves happy so that way they can gain self-respect for making the right decision. So, if Kevin calls Ambulance he should not have to feel guilty later on for putting Tom’s future at risk. Instead, He would gain self-confidence for doing what he thought was best for

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