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Subject Didactics: ENGLISH

Assignment ONE

Student: Dirk Smith
Student Number: 32634277
Academic Year: 2014
Module: SDENG3J

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I currently teach at an inner city private school. I teach English Home Language to Grades Ten, Eleven and Twelve.

The school is relatively well – resourced and provides the necessary infrastructure to facilitate learning. Classrooms are equipped with the sufficient number of desks and chairs. All learners and educators are issued with
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* WRITING * Major OUTCOMES related to WRITING SKILLS * Revisit PROCESS WRITING * TRANSACTIONAL Response – Format / Tone / Register / Style * GRAMMAR ( Language ) * Major OUTCOMES related to GRAMMAR / LANGUAGE Skills * Vocabulary Development * Prefixes – Root Words – Suffixes * Sentence Construction * Punctuation and Concord * Grammar outcomes are integrated with all other activities.

Activity ONE – Listening and Speaking * Listening – Pre-listening Activity: * The educator facilitates conversation based on the fears many of the grade 12 have expressed over the last couple of months Allow for some responses – What if I do not get a job after graduating ? Should I go to university or should I start working ? * Asking these questions highlights to learners that the educator has been listening to the issues they have raised. * Listening – Listening Activity: * Ask the class to listen to the reading of the text by the educator. * Listening – Post – Listening Activity: * Divide the class into smaller groups. * Each group briefly summarises the text in a

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