Style Of F Scott Fitzgerald

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Francis Scott Fitzgerald Francis Scott Fitzgerald is a famous writer who was born in the 1890’s and became famous during the 1920s, but lived a terrible life after his popularity wore off and The Great Depression hit. Fitzgerald was born on September 24th of 1896, in Saint Paul, California. He had Irish blood in him, but he was born an American. F. Scott Fitzgerald was a writer of his own time, his career followed the pattern of his nation, booming in the 1920s but dying out once The Great Depression hit. His Rhetorical brilliance and ability to express his times has established him as one of the major novelists of the 20th century, although his talents are a mystery (Donald). Fitzgerald grew up more on the poor side, but he and his family …show more content…
He wanted to be the first lover of two girls, and wrote a detailed set of instructions for his sister explaining to her how to attract boys. Francis Scott thought of boy-girl relationships as a contest, where only one came out a winner, as he grew older that game turned into a more violent and bitter conflict though. Fitzgerald dated a rich girl with the last name of Ginevra and her father may or may not have told him poor boys should not marry rich girls. Fitzgerald intuited that message and tried to work off his disappointment in some of his more powerful stories (Donald). Fitzgerald attended Saint Paul Academy, there he saw his first piece of writing in print when he was 13. When he was 15 his parents sent him to the Newman school, which was a Catholic prep. school in New Jersey. Once he graduated, Fitzgerald continued his artistic education at Princeton University. At Princeton, Fitzgerald dedicated himself to improving his writing and honing his craft skills. Fitzgerald’s writing came at the expense of his coursework and he was put on academic probation. He soon dropped out in 1917 and joined the Army ("F. Scott Fitzgerald

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