Essay about Studying Finance And Business Ownership

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1. I am currently a Nutritional Sciences major that was seeking a career in pharmaceuticals for the past couple of semesters. My interest in this major slowly disappeared, I found myself to not really enjoy the type of classes involved and I realized that it just didn’t suit my preferences. I decided to look for a major that suited me better and involved classes that I fully understand and enjoy. I am now studying finance and business ownership. This field personally interests me because my family has had a long history of business ownership and marketing, and I found myself to understand the concepts of finance, marketing, and business better than anything else.

2. I have big aspirations for five years from now. My goals are to successfully go through my undergraduate years and then apply for the graduate program for finance at UF. Along side with this, I want to land a job with a company that pays high numbers as a base to work my way up and build my expertise. I also wanted to start growing my fathers’ current businesses in hospitality in hopes to acquire more properties and branch out to different cities with more businesses. Achieving this in 5 years is a very difficult task, but it will start the framework for the future.

3. In order to create a successful frame for a future in business by the time I graduate, I need to involve myself with more management related jobs and seek internships that involve me with finance and business ownership. I am going to…

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