Essay about Studying English Literature As My Major

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For this introductory essay, I will be discussing a few things about myself to kick off the start of the semester. If you are curious as to where I am from, I was born and raised right here in Florida with the exception of a small period of time in my early life. It will probably delight you to know that I am, in fact, studying English Literature as my major. While we are on that topic, I will also discuss my strong feelings about English, with a few smaller opinions about certain topics on that subject on the side. I am not yet sure of where I would like to transfer, but I will discuss some ideas I might have in mind. Furthermore, I have elected to talk about my writings, a hobby of mine since I was just a child. We will finish off by the discussion of where I will see myself in five years. Everything listed above will be discussed in separate paragraphs as we go on.

Firstly, I have mentioned that I will be talking about where I am from, which is right here in Florida. I was actually born in Fort Walton Beach, with my first home being with my mother, father, and older sister in Destin. A few months after my birth, however, my sister, who is older than me by quite a few years, got married, resulting in their move to North Carolina. A few months after that, my mother decided to move us to North Carolina to be closer to her. I was eight months old at the time. One year went by, and my parents decided that they didn 't like North Carolina, so they moved us back down to…

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