Studying Abroad And Its Impact On Global Awareness Essay example

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As the economic, political, and social interconnectedness of the world continues to increase, the push for students to receive a global education becomes more prevalent among universities. Clarke (2004) states that with the world growing smaller, the necessity for an intercultural education is more prevalent. However, much of the college student population today appears to be indifferent or ignorant towards international affairs. Universities have the ability to meet this demand by preparing students to be responsible global citizens. Thus, to gain a competitive advantage in the new global market, many students are choosing to participate in study abroad programs to broaden their culture experiences and knowledge. The Institute of International Education reported a 3.4% increase in the number of U.S. students studying abroad in 2011-2012 alone (Open Doors, 2014). A number of studies have been conducted to determine the effects studying abroad can have on student global awareness. The following review of literature will explore the different design of study abroad programs and their impact on global awareness of the participating students.
Design of Study Abroad Programs
Although every school is unique in their approach toward study abroad programs, the overall design can be broadly categorized by the duration of the visit. There are short-term programs, which are usually two weeks to a month in duration. Contrastingly, long-term programs typically last for a semester…

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