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My name is Wanjia Jiang. Before I went to JCCC, I have been to Warrensburg, MO for studying for two years. Warrensburg is not a big city or place for all of the international students because there is no convenient transportation. This city cannot bring more convenience to people in their daily life. However, most people love it here because there are nice people. They are living here and cannot leave here. The local people always enjoy life and help the international students.
In fact, before I went JCCC, I was a girl who knows nothing. I used to using my father’s money at America. I did not understand how difficult to making money. I have no gold, no hope and no future. I was thinking about go back to China with degree.
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So I think if we want to some thing, we have to work hard. We have to show god we have to power to making my dream come true. In my life, if I can get three things, that I will think that is a perfect life. There are family, hearth and a job.
I think family is most important things in the world. If we have a good family, we have everything. The family has a super power. I believe the most expensive thing is hearth. Even you make a lot of money, you do not have time and life to using. That means nothing. Third is a job. I do not need the best job. I hope I can get a job, that income can save my family. I do not have huge gold. I do not need a lot of money. I just hope I have good family, and everybody is healthily. I have not bed job. Like David Myers’s idea, which unhappiness people have short life. And I think do not have to high hopeless, then we will be happy.
My future goals
I was an ordinary girl in the world, so I have a lot bad habit that other people have. In fact, I have the worst habit, which is lazy. This bad habit affects my life, very much. When I was in high school, I liked doing my homework in last minute. I remember the holiday’s homework, which I finished in the last day of the holiday. I have many experiences about doing homework in last day of holiday. At one time, I got a lot homework left. When my mother asks me, did I finish my all homework?” I said: “of course.” Then I cannot do my homework in my room, because I fear my mother come

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