Study Skills for Distance Learning Essay

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Study Skills for Distance Learning Theme A

BSc.(Hons) Engineering Management Degree
Subject: Study Skills

A report on the existing study skills of the author and areas where he can improve and develop his long distance work based learning techniques to successfully complete the Engineering Management BSc. (Hons.) Degree.

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Content Page 1 Introduction 2 Learning Outcomes for Study Skills Module One Figure 1 3 Activity One Developing learning independence 4 Activity One Developing learning independence continued 5 Develping Yourself as an independent learner Questionaire 6 Develping Yourself as an independent learner Questionaire continued 7 Develping Yourself as an
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Inadequate skills and understanding of the process may lead to feelings of isolation, disillusionment and prevent the student from gaining enjoyment from the learning experience (Cottrell, 2008).
The process of understanding and reflection becomes more important for WBDL as there is greater impetus for self motivation and independant study. In contrast to the traditional methodology of full time education as mentioned in Moore et al (2010, p6), 'Learning is a social process' and generally 'people work and learn more when they feel invested in what they are doing' Moore et al (2010, p6). Therefore the impetus is on the student to reinforce the WBDL process as listed in Figure 2.


Learning strategies which may include:

Personal meetings, email and telephone contact with a tutor for individual guidance and support

Independent study through open learning materials, both paper based and on-line

Lincoln University IT systems via the on-line virtual learning environment (Blackboard).

Figure 2: Teaching and Learning Methods for Module One (Howitt, 2012, pg 6).

Furthermore in Bourner & Race (2008) mention part time and distance learners need to focus on the ‘E’ words: - Effective, Efficient, Economic and Effort. These elements become

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