The Student Nurse: Improving Student Study

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The essay is all about the student nurse exploring new strategies and revising the study skills that she already has to progress in her studies. However, in order for the student nurse to develop more on her study skills and to progress through the course, the student nurse needs to identify the skills and qualities she needs and to manage her time to study during her free times and to develop more on herself confident. And by doing this, the student nurse would be able to become more organise, responsible, self-efficient and she will improve more on her academic skills.

The academic literature, writing and reading skills of the student nurse is slowly progressing. The student nurse was able to meet the standard needed for her assignments
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For example, when the student nurse discussed in her Clinical Learning Guide about one concept which is about Vitals – Blood pressure and why it is important for nurses to assess the patient’s blood pressure. So the student nurse started to discuss that the concept of that week is about the student nurses learn the basic skills on how to assess a patient’s blood pressure and defined blood pressure as the lateral force on the walls of an artery from the blood pulsing under pressure from the heart (Crisp, Taylor, Douglas & Rebeiro, 2013). And the student nurse discusses that it is important to assess and interpret the patient’s blood pressure so that the nurse will know the general status of the patient and how to monitor the patient’s response to the treatment (Lippincott, …show more content…
Although the student nurse had been slowly improving in managing herself and time, for example, she only had 2 forums to catch up during the holidays, still she does not feel confident enough that she is improving well especially when she cannot answer back immediately when sometimes tutors ask her questions. The student nurse is still in progress in expanding her knowledge, however, the student nurse was able to notice that she is improving and progressing and this making her stay motivated but hoping that she will be more confident soon.

The student nurse was able to discover during their empathy and sympathy lesson that she has a strong empathetic characteristic. However, some attributes like getting out of her comfort zone to talk and communicate with the patient, problem solving skills, and academic skills had been slowly developing throughout the course. With this the student nurse meets the Nursing Competency 2.9 about maintaining professional development that indicates that the student nurse is taking responsibility in her own professional development (Nursing Council New Zealand,

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