Study Skills I Learned During The Summer Program Essay

1240 Words Aug 15th, 2016 5 Pages
Through this summer Program, I have learned a lot of study skills to prepare myself for this fall semester. In order for me to be successful in class, I must take these five study skills I learned during the summer.
The first and the most important skill I learned is time management. I knew since middle school to keep track of time, but I never took it seriously. The reason why I didn 't take it seriously was that my days were already structured and organized. When I began five weeks ago, I got lost in all the free time because it was just strange to me. Having two hours between classes was peculiar. Now I started keeping my schedule and printed out copies weekly. The schedule helps me keep track of time and make sure what I have to do outside of class. I always mark it up with appointments to see counselors, get help from tutors, to tell myself when a good time for lunch is, and when it 's time to work. This has helped but I need to reduce procrastination greatly because it will not run in college. I hate procrastination with a passion. I will change this by making myself do work at least five minutes to motivate myself. Taking apart chunks of work helps as well because I believe in divide and conquer. Another skill I had to learn more about is the note taking because I just wrote down my notes. Now I know about the different note styles. My favorite is the two column because it helps me divide definitions and procedures from examples. The two column style is more helpful…

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