Study Of Study Abroad Programs Essay

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Over the past twenty-five years, the number of American students who participate in study has significantly grown. During the 2010-2011 school year, 273,996 students studied more than three times the number of students who participated in 1990 (Movassaghi, Unsal, & Göçer, 2014; Twombly, Salisbury, Tumanut, & Klute, 2012). More than half of the American students who studied abroad in 2009-2010 chose one of four European host countries; the United Kingdom, France, Italy, or Spain. Almost half of all students who took their studies overseas came from the social sciences and business programs (Tarrant, Rubin, & Stoner, 2014). Over 90 percent of American colleges and universities had study abroad opportunities available by 2009 (Twombly, Salisbury, Tumanut, & Klute, 2012). Clearly, study abroad programs have become an integral piece of post-secondary educations for some students. However, it is important to note that only 1.4% of students enrolled at American institutions, and 9.5% of undergraduate students participate in study abroad programs ((Movassaghi, Unsal, & Göçer, 2014).
As a response to globalization, the federal government has renewed its support of international educational opportunities (Twombly, Salisbury, Tumanut, & Klute, 2012). Colleges and universities have placed an emphasis on the importance of internationalizing their campuses in recent years to aid in producing 21st century global citizens (Osfield & Terrel, 2009; Jackson, 2008). To be competitive in…

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