Study Habits Essay

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This part of the research provides different facts and studies that will help the research be more informative and truthful. This part was laid by different people who had undergone a related study.

Filipinos are very much aware of the negative traits that were passed on by our folks. It is the students who are the affected and influenced on their studies. It is so hard for us to take away the traits we have since birth because it is already running through our blood.

Mañana Habit
First let us define what Mañana Habit is..Mañana is a Spanish word meaning “Tomorrow” or “At an specified future time”. In short, it is exactly described as “Procrastination”.
In Filipino terms, Mañana Habit means “Mamayana” or “Do it
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But what does the term really mean? And where did it come from? How does it actually occur in Filipino culture, and why?

The term “ningas cogon” is actually derived from the word cogon, which refers to cogon grass, a tall, green, thin type of grass that grows through large fields and easily catches fire. Because cogon grass is thin in texture, any amount of flame brought close to it can cause a quick and wild fire. The next thing you know, you are left with an empty field of dead and burned grass. The reason people use the term ningas cogon is because it refers to the fact that people show fervent interest in a new topic (like the wild fire), but also lose interest just as quickly (like the cogon grass that burns out rapidly). Oftentimes, people describe ningas cogon as procrastination, as it refers to the fact that people tend to show immense interest in new topics, and then procrastinate by failing to follow through with the necessary means of solving the incident at hand.

Perhaps you can blame it on the hardworking and busy lifestyles of the Filipino people. Or maybe, quite simply, on the Filipino people love for excitement and entertainment. Whichever the cast, one can often find the ningas cogon mentality in Filipino culture, especially in matters of politics, media, news scandals, and entertainment. One such example of this would be when there is a news scandal involving a crime committed by a prominent person.

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