Study Habits, Learning Style, And How Well The Two Match Each Other

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Everyone has different study habits that help them remember important information that could be on a test or help them in a real life situation when moving into a job after graduating and receiving a degree. Knowing your learning style is a great way to help you assess your study habits and help you find out the best way to help you study for a test or quiz. Knowing your learning style can help you become better at studying when it is time for a big test. In this paper I will discuss my study habits, learning style, and how well the two match each other.

Depending on whether the class is more of a reading based class like Fundamentals of the Business Enterprise or more of a number based class like College Algebra there are many different ways that I tend to study. When studying for a more reading based class I have to be all by myself in my room listening to some music soft music in the background. When I have to read in the book to study I will read through the paragraphs and highlight things that seem important and look like something I need to know, and I will take notes if it was something that I have trouble remembering. I usually read over the sections to be on a test a couple times before I know I will have a test. Sometimes though when I am feeling a little lazy I will just read over my notes that I took in class to study, but that is only when I am fairly confident that I know the material well enough.

Knowing what you’re learning style is, is an important part in…

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