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Study Aide for Module 2-Written Assignment 2
Attached is the Study Aide for M2 A2. Critical !!!!!!! It is very important to read the study aides for each written assignment.
You will find these aides for each week posted here in Questions for the instructor. It will save you hours of homework time and most of the students receive a high grade in the class if they use them and get an early start on these difficult written assignments. Here is some advice to help you also. With all of these written assignments in the class, read the directions and study aides closely before actually starting the work. Read the directions first. Many students wait until the last night before it is due and have a difficult time getting it done.
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Appendix A below explains how to use this website with tips. I think it is more user friendly than the one.
TIP: If you are uncertain if your number is correct, just test your number in a Google search to verify if it is correct. There certainly a lot of confusing numbers and labels on this government website. Here is an example ‘What is the GDP for 2009?’ in Google search.
Based on the information contained on the website above, answer the following questions: 1. What was Real GDP for 2009? | Professor Klense, Should the real GDP for a certain year be the average of the GDP for the four quarters of that year or should it be the GDP at the end of the 4th quarter?We just want the GDP for the whole year- the annual GDP. Be sure to label exact what type of GDP it is. We don’t want it broken down by the month or quarter. | a. What does GDP tell us? b. How did GDP change from 2008? c. What caused these changes? 2. What was GNP for 2009?

d. What is the difference between GDP and GNP? e. How did GNP change from 2008? f. What caused these changes? 3. What was National Income (NI) for 2008? g. What does National Income tell us? h. What is the difference between GNP and NI? i. What caused these changes?[Reworded for clarity-What caused the changes in NI from 2007 to 2008?] 4. What was Disposable Income (DI) for 2009?

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