Study Guide Ch1 Questions : European Exploration Of The New World

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Study Guide Ch1 Questions


1. European exploration of the New World was a benefit to the development of world civilization due to the long term positive effect it had on morals and humans. The exploration caused a huge decrease in Native American population due to diseases and harsh treatment. Eventually, the settlers switched to using African “servitude” where African eventually became defined as property. Even though the overall economy of the European grew, it came at a cost of racism, dehumanization, and destruction of Native American culture.
4 key terms: Native Americans, Francisco Pizarro, encomienda system, Hernán Cortés
The encomienda system exploited Native Americans by forcing them to work for them in a cruel environment as tribute. Oftentimes, the Native Americans would not keep their land due to European corruption.

2.How did the political, economic, and religious systems of Native Americans, Europeans and Africans compare?
Religiously, the Europeans, African, and Native Americans all had distinct beliefs. The Europeans believed in Christianity while the Native Americans believed in animism, they felt everything had its own spirit. Different tribes had their own cultures and on beliefs. Africans had their traditional indigenous religions, however after slavery many converted to Christianity. Some Africans had also converted to Islam after learning about it from Arab merchants and Muslim leaders.
Economically, the Europeans had…

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