Students With A Reading Based Learning Disability Essay example

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There were studies that researched how they could help students with a reading based learning disability the goal for the students was for them to become more efficient in their areas of struggle by including the extra help they need in the social studies classroom. One took place in a middle school where mostly eighth graders were studied. This particular age group normally takes classes like U.S, State and World History as per their states Social Studies standard.(Site) this class can be difficult if students have a learning disability. The most common subjects learning disabled students struggle with are the language arts and math. They normally have to attend special classes so they can receive more instruction. 60% of these students’ special classes are only allotted for less than a quarter of the school day (Source Article 1). Since the students end up in other classes while not in their special classes, it leads to extremely academically diverse classrooms and stressed teachers. (Site ) Since Social Studies focuses heavily on reading comprehension, researches thought about using it as a tool to help students outside of their specialized classroom. The study was called, Reading Intervention (“Within Social Studies Content Instruction”) They hoped to improve basic comprehension, and knowledge covering the content discussed in their text (Site1). This experiment, it was designed with students with diverse levels of comprehensive aptitudes in mind, not disabilities…

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