Students With A Low Socio Economic Status Essay

1647 Words Feb 23rd, 2016 null Page
Something that is not considered in a PVAAS score is the demographics of the clientele. Students with a low socio economic status are historically shown to receive lower scores due to lack of resources and other factors. Students in special education also do not perform as well because of their learning disabilities. ESL students are also at a disadvantage because understanding material in English is difficult for them. These students are not taken into as much consideration when evaluating a teacher and the teacher’s ability to educate students. Studies have shown that adjusting scores based on demographics can result in a self-fulfilling prophecy, resulting in even lower scores (Warring, 2015). Teachers are again, are put in a tough situation of needing high scores from students in order to receive a good evaluation. This causes teachers to focus on test-taking skills as opposed to teaching the material. The goal is a good score, not knowing and understanding important information. It has been shown that tests are not accurate indicators of teacher success (Warring, 2015). There is only so much a teacher can do to help students perform well, but there are other factors that play into the results as well. Motivation of the students to try their best and work their hardest has a big impact on scores. If a student is not motivated while taking the test for any reason, the score received may be completely inaccurate compared to what the student has learned. Students need…

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