Essay about Students Who Drop Out Of College

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The problem of the students who drop out of college is understood to be the complex economic, social, and pedagogical outcomes it introduces in the contemporary society. Researchers tend to interpret it as a negative phenomenon that costs a lot to the state, reflects the unsatisfactory level of education system efficiency, and, occasionally, involves the application of wrong teaching approach. According to Peter Crosta in an a article entitled “Characteristics of Early Community College Dropouts," “Over a five-year period, federal, state, and local authorities spent about $4 billion on community college students who began as first-time, full-time, degree-seeking students but did not return for a second year of school” (1). The age of students, their financial capabilities, low college success or academic preparedness is often claimed to be the causes of dropouts and, indeed, they often are. However, facing the similar set of challenges, some students do Ph.D. while others abandon college after the first year. This paper argues that the root cause of dropping out of college lies in the mental tension that students experience as a consequence of various stress factors. There is a need to rethink abandoning college, reject the mechanical, schematic and statistical explanation that hinders education to see and understand the person experiencing the breaking point.
In an article entitled “Why College Students Drop Out and What We Do About It,” in College Quarterly, Frank…

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