Students Vs Non Active Students Essay

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Since I was young, I have always had trouble sitting still while in class. I always felt the need to tap my feet on the floor, tap my fingers on my desk, or just stand up to walk around and stretch out. It wasn 't that the material being learned was boring, I just always felt the need to move while in the classroom and I was always unaware of why that was. A trending topic in the scope of education is whether or not it is better for students to be active while they learn as well as being active in their daily lives to help enhance their learning and memory. There are multiple studies being conducted to compare and contrast active students versus non-active students and the results are surprising. Studies are being done through all age groups and locations to show accurate results. Most of this research is predictable due to the science aspect of the testing. Although what many individuals do not realize is that there are scientific processes that occur in the brain while being active that influence numerous factors. Some would argue that being active while learning will lead to tiredness which would make students unmotivated to complete their work, yet studies and results are showing the opposite effects. Despite the fact that we are all unique, it seems that the vast majority benefits from exercise in terms of learning and attaining knowledge (excluding those who are incapable of physical activity). Students who are active and moving while they learn and are active outside…

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