Students Studying At The University Of Victoria Essay

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All students studying at the University of Victoria (UVic) want to achieve success. Chinese international students are no exception to this rule. For Chinese international students to have overall success they need to be proficient in three inter-related areas of academics, culture and social. First, challenges interfering with academic achievement include Chinese international students lacking English language proficiency, lacking academic skills and______. In regards to culture, there are issues with acclimatization, educational background differences, lecture style/assessment challenges, and difficulties with plagiarism. Finally, social difficulties include implications with social support networks and the difficulty for international students in creating meaningful relationships with domestic students, staff and the university. These three key areas constantly overlap and failure to address challenges in any one area lead to the failure to obtain overall success. Therefore, this paper not only wants to bring these issues to light, but it also desires to produce strategies for their mitigation. Overall, this text will show that for Chinese international students, strategies applied to create academic success, cultural success and social success are integral for students to have overall successful experience at the University of Victoria. In order to achieve this outcome, this paper will be divided into four sections. First, there will be introduction/background that…

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