Internet Should Be Allowed In Schools Essay

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Every student should have some freedoms, especially when a freedom helps a student to accel in their education. In today 's world, the internet is an extremely helpful tool- it allows us to research information, type out documents, and create projects to share. Though it is hard to take full advantage of these helpful resources when there are restrictions limiting access. At school, we have filters that block a vast amount of useful sites. Canyon High school 's internet should be unrestricted to a certain degree so that students can use it to its fullest ability. The only restrictions that should be put on the student WiFi are restrictions to adult-oriented websites. As a student of Canyon, I often hit a block when I use the school 's public WiFi. Web sites that …show more content…
Often, the words that are detected or not even relevant to the web page. Instead, they are part of ads or a linked page that is not even close to being similar to it. While some may claim that certain students will look up inappropriate material as not all students can be trusted. This is true, however, it can easily be dealt with. Students should have no restraints on internet usage at first. Since administrators have the ability to monitor websites visited by the students, they can watch what we do. If a student searches for inappropriate material, his internet access can decrease, following the over restrictive filters so that only a few websites can work. There can be several steps in between to properly punish students who get off task. This is so that the students who care about their education can work more efficiently, while those who don 't will lose their privilege to wield the internet. The web filters affect how we learn because it only teaches us part of the information that we need to learn instead of the whole thing. In the Cardinal Newspaper, a survey was conducted at Canfield High School in Ohio about how students feel about the web filter being too restrictive. The survey

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