Students Poverty Face Trials And Circumstances Essay

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Students living in poverty face trials and circumstances that are un-relatable and unimaginable to most outsiders. Their strength and resiliency to adversity is something to be acknowledged, however many challenges must be addressed within a school setting. Because of their unique experiences, students in urban schools bring funds of knowledge with them that must be utilized and unique challenges that must be overcome.
“Tough and Resilient” were the two words my CMT, Mr. Louis, used to describe the middle school students at Argentine Middle School. These students have a difficult life out of school, living in poverty and neighborhoods plagued with violence. He explained that over the years they have been able to adapt and overcome many of life’s obstacles. He believes that this helps them with school, “As long as you don’t let them make excuses, they’ll fight through their mistakes.”. Many of these kids have become successful students despite their disadvantageous circumstances. The staff and faculty help to foster resilience through support and concern for the students’ emotional well-being.
Another strength among the graduating 8th grade students at Argentine Middle School, is their level of maturity and responsibleness. This is something they have acquired from life experiences. Many of the students have the responsibilities of adults immediately after school. They possess nurturing qualities and knowledge of childcare, stemming from their obligation to look after…

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