Essay Students Experience Entering A Four Year Institution

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The culture shock that many Latino students experience entering a four-year institution disrupts their governing values as so and so states, many have felt a collision between their responsibilities to their academics and those to their families (00). In a similar train of thought, so and so states that the long-range goals that Latino students envision, begin to be question (00). Latino students begin to start to weight out their times between providing financially to their families and paying their academic experience. Because of the conflict between Latino student’s values and their goals, SMART (Specific, Measurable, Action-Oriented, Realistic, and Timely) goals can help reframe and assist students with outlining and accomplishing their daily task. According to so and so using SMART goals would lead to students accomplishing their intermediate as well as long-range goals and continue to satisfying their governing values of succeeding in their academics and supporting their families (00). Other tools that could associate SMART goal planning include semester planners and practicing time management for effective use of SMART goals (00). Though SMART goals are primarily used as a learning tool technique, for the purposes of this paper they are also used as a method of organizing the mental effort and values that stem from the multiple responsibilities that first generation Latino students maintain.
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