Students ' Attitudes Toward Math And Group Activities Versus Individual Assignments

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Student surveys were used to collect data at the beginning of the study. The pre-survey consisted of 20 questions that were answered on a Likert Scale with possible responses of strongly agree, agree, undecided/neither, disagree, or strongly disagree. The survey was to discover students’ attitudes toward math and group activities versus individual assignments. There were questions to determine how they viewed themselves as far as skill level and ability to learn mathematics. There were also questions to gauge the students’ personality as far as if they viewed themselves as outgoing and social or reserved and shy. The survey included questions to determine the learning styles of the students using the multiple intelligences such as visual, tactile, kinesthetic, logical, interpersonal, or intrapersonal to list a few. A post-survey was given to the students as well at the conclusion of the study. There were the same questions as in the pre-survey to determine any changes in attitudes after the cooperative learning activities. The purpose of the pre-survey was to develop a base for the research. I needed to discover how students feel about group learning and about themselves as learners. Analyzing the data assisted with determining the type of cooperative learning activities that were used in the classes and how students were grouped for the activities. Having this information determined the best grouping of students for various cooperative learning activities to…

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